Coreum is a 3rd generation, layer-1 blockchain built to serve as a core infrastructure of future Blockchain applications.

With No Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Token Sale, Coreum is an open-source project built to be 100% community-based, allowing this technology to support extensive future growth in Decentralized Applications (dApps) and DeFi space within the whole blockchain ecosystem.

Coreum’s native token $CORE will initially be airdropped to the Sologenic community and eventually, the community can decide how the distribution continues in future phases.

Token Name Account KYC Total Trustlines Offers Trustline Dex Explorers Created
Coreum CORE rcoreNywaoz2ZCQ8Lg2EbSLnGuRBmun6D 422 992 621 72351 2274 Set Trustline XUMM Dex xApp Bithomp XRPScan 3 February 2022